Factory Supply Powder Weighing Filling Machine - 2 HEADS POWDER FILLING CAPPING MACHINE – Shengguan

Equipment Brief introduction: Powder filling machine is used for pharmaceuticals, biological products and chemicals. According to different packing method and choose different equipment structure. Our company use servo drive and high precision screw for material filling, filling amount adjustable; According to packing method choose add cap and capping, stoppering capping(roll). Machine design is reasonable, equipment performance is stable and reliable.  
ProductNo SGFJ
Appl cable specification 0.03-10g
Production speed 35-400b/m 35-400 b/m
Stoppering and add cap pass rate >99%
Fillingerror Pe ±3%
ow  r supply 220/380V,3.5KW
Purify compressed air pressure  and air consumption 0.3-0.5MPa,1-3m³/h
Weight 800-2000KG
Dimensions 4500×1650×1750mm