Equipment Brief introduction: This series oral filling capping(roll) machine mainly used for 20/30/50/60/100ml glass bottle, metal thread cap’s filling, add cap, capping(roll); This series machine Filling system and capping(roll) system is embodied incisively and vividly, filling precision high, no dripping; Capping(roll) structure is our company patent structure, capping(roll) smooth. Effectively ensure the quality  
Product No SGGZ-4 SGGZ-8 SGGZ-12
Applicable specification 20-100ml
Production speed 40-60b/m 80-100b/m 200-250b/m
Filling error ±1~2% ±1~2% ±1~2%
Power supply 220V, 2KW 220V, 2.5KW 220V, 5KW
Weight 1000KG 1600KG 3000KG
Dimensions 2440×1350×1750mm 3000×1650×1750mm 4500×2000×1750mm